Efficiency in production: Digital “machine speedometer” Smart Shopfloor makes utilization of DESMA shoe machines visible in real time

What is the current cycle time, how many shoes are currently being produced, which alarms are most frequently triggered?
The standard platform for digitization Smart Shopfloor displays all important parameters in real time, records trends and thus helps customers to use their machines more efficiently in production.

When it comes to machines in the shoe production, the name of the medium-sized machine manufacturer DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH is a set standard. The company, which belongs to Salzgitter AG and is based in Achim near Bremen, Germany, delivers efficient and economical production systems of the highest quality reliably and quickly to shoe manufacturers all over the world.
Using the direct soling process, in which the polyurethane shoe sole is injected directly onto the shoe upper, shoe manufacturers can considerably reduce their production costs. With their unique reliability, especially in rough production environments, more than 1000 producers worldwide appreciate the quality and durability of the machines and systems of the machine manufacturer DESMA.

Production efficiency partner: DESMA supports its customers also during operation

DESMA sees itself as a partner who helps its customers to achieve more efficiency. “Our customers must be able to see at any time simply how their machines are running, what the capacity utilization looks like and where it can be optimized”, says Christian Decker, Managing Director of DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH. “With the digital real-time monitoring system Smart Shopfloor by Efficiency Systems our customers receive an important tool for an efficient operation of our machines and their production”, Christian Decker continues. “And all this without any programming”.

Act early, avoid downtime, save costs

Smart Shopfloor reads the variables from the machines every 5 seconds, stores them in a secure web database and makes all machine data available online in freely configurable dashboards. “The machine data generated during production is immediately available to our customers in their web browser,” continues Christian Decker. “Whether on a PC, on a large shop-floor monitor, a tablet in the factory or on a smartphone while on the road, our customers can see the capacity utilization at any time and take immediate action in case of deviations.

Machines will organise their own maintenance/ servicing themselves in future

In addition, Smart Shopfloor will in future ensure that machines organise their own maintenance/repairs themselves. For all maintenance-relevant components, Smart Shopfloor continuously determines the degree of wear and tear, generates maintenance tasks and spare parts ordering suggestions in good time and provides recommendations for action. A role concept ensures that external partners, such as the machine manufacturer itself, could also take over maintenance.

Outlook: Predicting failures, providing timely recommendations for action

In the next step, the Efficiency Systems team will also equip Smart Shopfloor with prediction functions. The time series from production operations already determined today will also be analyzed using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Smart Shopfloor can then not only display machine and operating data, automate maintenance and repair, but also generate forecasts of when and with what probability malfunctions and breakdowns can be expected.

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